Snow day= play day

Oh my goodness.....I got a lot accomplished on our wonderful snow day! First, 2 loads of laundry cleaned and put away, dish washer done, all floors vacuumed or swiffered, warm dinner in the crock pot and an abundance of computer time! I think I could live on the computer and just read my way through life! As you can tell, I redesigned my blog. Dang, it's harder than it looks. As LOMA mentioned on her blog, if you know how to design your own handwriting fonts via HTML inserts or know a website that you do not have to pay, please pass it on! As for now, I'm done, this is it! It's not exactly what I envisioned but everything I did was FREE so it's as good as it gets. I am still a newbie!

Now, the agenda for today--pajamas, pizza and snacks, Tivo, movies and I am going to make Steven play the question game tonight as we sit around with the fire on. Don't be jealous about my snowed in evening! haha

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