Thursday Thoughts...

* If you think getting married will make you happy it won't, neither will having a baby, that new car, etc. These are temporary fixes to the real problem. You'll only be happy in life when you are happy within yourself.

*If the only best friend you have is your husband, re-evaluate! Yes, you should be equally yoked and he SHOULD be your best friend. But, he shouldn't be your ONLY best friend. If you don't have a circle of girlfriends to hang out with, you are missing out. If he doesn't get a game night out with the guys, he is missing out. You had friends before your marriage, you should keep those friends after your marriage.

* Stop complaining about the quantity of snow we did/didn't get. Tennessee people freak out and drive even more crazy at the thought of snow possibilities. The snow is not dangerous it's the drivers! We have 10 built in calendar snow days, if we don't use them, we lose them. As a teacher, we might as well use them, I don't get paid.

* If your answer is always no, or I can't, people will stop asking the questions. Period.

* Children's laughter is quite possibly one of the best noises-EVER!

* Having a clean house makes me feel accomplished.

* Take vacations...it baffles me to think people have never left their time zones. Get out, see the world, or the state next to you! It just might change your views!

* Use coupons or at least get a Kroger/Publix card. Why would you not want to save free money when it costs you nothing? You're basically telling me that if a $5.00 bill was on the ground you would walk right past it if you are too lazy to add a scan card to your key ring.

* Yes, I like Jersey Shore. Yep, I realize these people are crazy and completely different from me and my lifestyle. That's why I like it, because these kind of people really exist! The hair, tans, and short jorts--all of it is entertaining! I'm hooked on Guido's and Guidettes!

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  1. interesting thoughts sister....I get the feeling that you are talking about someone I know...


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