Back to reality!

Spring Break was pretty darn awesome! Nope, we didn't fly somewhere exotic and sit on a beach. We did however pack 3 bedrooms/closets, kitchen and living room and move it all to storage. I did spend 2 days shopping with my mom and thoroughly enjoyed a pedicure.
I did love on my little anxiety-ridden baby who is now on medicine because he doesn't want me to leave the house. (our current transitioning is making him nervous) We spent a few afternoons at the park.
I'm a very motivated person when I have things to help pass the time! What I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow. In no particular order, seeing my peeps! Even though I hung out with my friends, I still miss not seeing their faces every day! Wearing white-shoes, pants, and purses. The beautiful playground weather and getting a tan. Last but not least...finding out what SHE is having! Little LOMAtini will officially have a name in less than 2 weeks! (oh, and passing around the Chuck E Cheese hat)

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