Weekend Recap!

On Friday we watched Rice and Beans so their mom could go carb up for her big run. The girls had so much fun with my little brother, Justin, and Beans just loved throwing the ball to Solomon. We went to the creek in my parents back yard and ate some pizza! Hmm...I didn't pose with them?

WOW, the marathon was so uplifting and exciting. Who would have thought watching people run could be fun? There were jugglers, ballerinas, men in suits, barefoot runners and even bride/groom couples. It was SUPER fun. I am also so PROUD of Esther for running. The girl has NEVER run a day in her life and started training in February and made it in 2 hours 21 minutes for her first half marathon. It was fun to cheer her on. Sadly, I got no pictures! The storms came in and we also set a record for rain 2.8 inches on Saturday.

On Sunday, we packed every last tidbit, may I say we have A LOT of tidbits and then cleaned the whole house. I think it was cleaner when I left than when I lived in it. I mean, who takes out all the food in their fridge/freezer and scrubs on a monthly basis? Okay, maybe you do, but I don't! The house was empty, we said our good byes and now we are each back at home. Kinda like dating again. That's my weekend in a nutshell. More pictures later.

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