If you read, just follow!

Some of my blogger friends and I have been talking about the people who blog stalk or bookmark a blog and follow it anonymously. After much thought, I am showing all fellow bloggers my support by becoming a follower. Yep, if I take the time to read it, I am taking the time to mark it and let them know. Why you ask?
1. you don't have to have a blog to read blogs, only an email address-thanks Ootie for begin legit follower and 2. If I see people reading it or asking me about it and they are not following...then think of how many other people are reading it!? Lots...stranger danger. On a side note...I have a china man and (yes I am calling him a china man) who keeps reading my blog and writing in Chinese. I keep having to cut/paste his comments to a language translation website. I want to say hello to you, but if you are reading my English, why not write me in English. :o) Thank you.

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