So, the secret is out...especially if you are my BFF's or happen to drive by **stalk me** to know that our house sold the 2nd week in March. We were beyond ecstatic because it actually sold in less than one month! You don't know the joy of selling a house that quick and never having to vacuum yourself out of a room before you head to work in the morning AGAIN! It was stressful. God must have some plan because it has nothing to do with me! Land was the plan (our first plan). We looked at homes on acreage and were not impressed with the Brady Bunch-like appeal in the kitchen, bathroom, carpeting, itty bitty bedrooms, etc. I think the only good thing that came out of the 70's was my hubby. I hate 70's decor and time period. In fact, I was TOO tall for some of the showers, go figure! Were people that short back then? It was disappointing because everything needed 100K of renovations on top of the sales price and I wasn't in love with any of them. Honestly, we just didn't have it in us, or our wallets, to pay out of pocket for such extensive renovations to get what we wanted. I thought I wanted an old farm house but was scared to enter some of them because they were just that, OLD! Plan 2, we contemplated building a new house to make it look old but right now our county isn't too hip on new construction loans due to the economy and all the homes that are just vacant and awaiting a homeowner. Hmmm...what to do? Well,we miraculously found a house that is in a neighborhood where Steven can have a basement/shop and the home met all our expectations and needed very little work! Needless to say, I never saw any of this happening to us so quickly but I'm beyond thankful. That's our story. So, the rest of the week consists of more packing, eating, sleeping in, packing, going to antique stores, packing, eating...you get the picture of my Spring Break! Now, here are some things I need you peeps to be on the lookout for: green glass bottles, antique entry tables with drawers or dark wood and a porch swing-any style. I haven't been in my house to get any size measurements but these are just a few of my many wants!


  1. They have some of those big green bottles at PB outlet....looks like you need to make a trip down...


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