I got 5 on it...

Because I do not have a camera cord...a questionnaire seems perfect! Write your 5 LOVE/HATE topics...GO!

1. LOVE a coke icee like nobodies business-- winter, summer, you name it, I will drink it.
2. girls weekend- you are not whole unless you have girlfriends. period.
3. coupons- I am not ashamed to use them, makes me feel good!
4. children laughing
5. switching seasonal wardrobes makes me feel new again
1. Hate it when people paint wood white, UGH wood is not supposed to be painted unless it is old knotty pine.
2. people who drive slow due to texting, talking, or eating a banana (I've seen it!!)
3. calling any business number and hearing Spanish first, ugh! (I just transferred mailing addresses and had to sit through Spanish and hit 1 for English)
4. the way Steven loads the dishwasher. We got into a feud and he actually printed the manual to show his way of loading bowls was correct. Doesn't make sense GE!
5. B-to-the-ORING people who never get out. I like to call them the EXCUSE MAKERS. This can be: never leaving a child, getting a babysitter, having a husband who can't watch his kids, cancelling on events, never attending parties or girls night the list goes on. Don't lie, you know someone who just exists too! For the record, I do not hate them because this is their decision. I do however, hate it for them!
List your own LOVE/HATES and let me know!

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  1. I can almost picture you and Steven loading the dishwasher..haha...I can only imagine!!! The whole spanish thing? That just sounds like something a certain 6 year old we know would say...they also dirty up our lakes!!!!


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