People, Places and Things OH MY!

I'm loving the TV show KENDRA. She has grown on me as a mother. I can not believe how wonderful Hank Baskett treats her and that precious little Hank Jr. on the show! Love me some late night Kendra. Oh, Hank is also a hottie!

I still love Kim Kardashian. I'm fascinated with her sisterly bonds and I love her freakin' hair. (this is amazingly exactly what I look like when I too walk my boxer-hehehe)

I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE my Buckle jeans-Maddie fit. (this is not the exact picture) Everyone rants and raves about these $100+ jeans and I didn't think it would make THAT much of a difference. OMG they are fabulous! I'm hooked, I'm a believer. They are SO soft, wonderful fit and really comfy. They are a tad long but they do free alterations if you buy them at Buckle.

Places, I don't have a picture for but my sister and I are planning to attend the longest yard sale in the US this summer! Yep, we are totally doing it. We are going to hunt for hidden treasures and hopefully get some great deals. You may be laughing....but the hotels are already booked up along the Interstates. I'll be sure to share my photos upon my return!

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