Tuesday Tidbits

Write one odd fact about yourself on Tuesdays...MINE IS:

I’m a chronic nick namer and namer of random objects. If you are one of my friends, you have a nick name. If you belong to me, you have a nick name. The big laptop is Sampson, the little laptop is Kendra. My car is Eli Aurelius Kimosabe Bean. Zane is Zanie Wanie, Z-man, Poe-poe G-joe. Esther-taco or PW <---you'll never guess the meaning, her kids are rice and beans. I even named Laura's baby LOMAtini. I'm so lame that I have a special plant. I got it at girls weekend in July. It took me forever to pick him out. His name is Ike the Spike IKEA. Yep, that's what I call him. In fact, anytime I buy something I asked Steven what are we going to name it? Let's just say...he is not so good at this game. (hi Steven) What can I say, I love names and nick names!

Special K, Ootie, Tellulah, Hicksy, PW....just to name a few!

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