Week in review via pictures...

Packing, empty rooms, more packing, showering my friend Caron and baby MC, my favorite cupcake that Mary has ever made and a little friendly competition (aw, LOMA you know I would never hurt you) heehee


  1. I was talking to Caron at her sunday school shower today and I told her that I want to meet all of her teacher/bloggy friends! Yall are so cute, it makes me want to be a teacher just so I can be friends with yall! Anywho, I would love to meet all of you in real life. Maybe we could do lunch on a Saturday?

  2. I love the salsa thing sister...is that yours?? Potter Barn right??

  3. 1. I am bad at checking my comment section so I never saw the lunch date post. :( We can officially do lunch in the future though!!
    2. Sister, it is not mine. I did the chocolate/vanilla covered strawberries and bought the plate/theme ware. Laura got the wood set for a wedding gift. Sorry, no help!


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