10 years in the making...part 1

Ten years ago I went away to college. I was assigned a room with some of these fabulous ladies and here we are 10 years later...still friends! Sarah became my sorority big sister and Natalie, Beth, Me and Abigail joined ZTA together, class of 2000! I love that we stick together and make an effort to travel to each city we live in for mini reunions. This weekend the girls came to my house. We went to Chuy's on Friday night and did some shopping. Saturday, we stayed at Laura's pool and then went downtown Nashville to The Acorn for dinner.
Justin Bobby made an appearance...silly troll!

It was super hot, we did some syncronized swimming!

Esther joined us after she got off work.
More pictures to come later...the rest of the weekend was equally as fun. Sarah is still here and we've got places to go!

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