The kitchen color: Evening Glow
The living room color: Raffia
Both paints are Valspar from Lowe's...in all my painting years it has the best coverage and flow. Cutting in

You can see the standard builders color and new color
That's my Daddy-O...he bought some special paint equipment before he his leg surgery. It worked, he loves it. Thank goodness he is my handyman. My homes are so special because he builds, restores, hand makes or paints everything for me! We've got a lot of projects currently going on.

Right after the paint was done

8am the next morning. I love it. Oh, the flowers on the table are from my hubby. I am working on wall decor and possible curtains. All suggestions are welcome! P.S. My dad made me that walnut antique table 2 years ago for my birthday. :o) I lurrve me some antiques! Stay tuned....the buffet for the dining room is complete. I just need to get the truck to haul it over here!


  1. As Arianna and I would say, "I like your kitchen!' Very bright and fresh. Can't wait to see buffet table. If your daddy-o gets bored, I have a few projects to complete. :)

  2. I love the color and the table that your Dad made is to die for! I am such the antique lover too!


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