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So, I bought this large 5.5ft. x3.5 ft. old window from Rooster Tails in Franklin. It is white and I am staining it to hang as an architectural piece on one of my living room walls. This is how it went. Honey, look what I bought yesterday....
Hubby: "You're hanging a window on the wall?"
Me: "Yep, isn't it cool?"
Hubby: "what's the point?"
Me: " I SAW IT DOWNTOWN FRANKLIN...um, I like it"
Hubby: " what will you put behind it?"
Me: "Nothing it is going to be stained dark...it will look good, trust me"
Hubby: "So, let me get this straight, we have windows in the room already and you are hanging a blank window?
Me: " Yep"
Hubby: " Okay"
Now, when he says okay, he means WHATEVER. But, he also said okay to the kitchen and now he likes it. Stay tuned for more...you can tell me your thoughts. I tried the stain, you'll see the big picture later.

This weekend Mr. Toyo came to paint the top portion of my living room. He is Esther's brother-in-law. We did as much as we could, but we needed at 20 foot ladder for the rest. 1. I would have fallen off the ladder and 2. yikes 20 feet is super high so I'm sure my painting would have sucked. You can't see the color in the pictures but it's Light Raffia and sometimes it is blue, gray or a light oatmeal color. It keeps changing depending on the time of day. While the room has high ceilings, it doesn't get much direct sunlight and is dark at night. This was the color the girls picked when they visited. It looks better in person. (I HOPE)

This weekend I also bought another piece of furniture from the flea market. It's a beautiful chest of drawers with square nails, solid wood and hand crafted for the foyer. Best part is, it needs minimal work! I'm working on accessories so stayed tuned.

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  1. I love downtown Franklin, what a great find!! I bet it is going to look great!! Can't wait to see it, just found your blog and following along!


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