Jigga-what? Bunganut!

Saturday a big group of us that could make it went downtown Franklin to the Bunganut Pig. It's just a little local dive with billiards, live band inside and music on the patio. We sat on the patio under the trees and the weather was perfect! It's my new favorite place. Why? 1. it's not a chain 2. loved the detail of tea light candles and quaint outside atmosphere 3. FRIED PICKLES to die for. Yep, to die for. We all had a great time and look forward to doing it in the future! Ok, photo issues...where are the pictures of me? Katie, photo shop that great picture and send it my way! :o) Afterwards, we crashed a deck party with friends who couldn't make it to the Bunganut...let's just say I don't think the H family can hang, yo. We're old.

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