welcome home buffet

AFTERRemember the depression era buffet I picked up downtown Franklin a few weeks back? Well folks, meet her in all her glory! The drawers didn't work, she had a ton of scratches, one of her legs was severely damaged and me and daddy fixed her up! Now, she is stained, (see previous posts) look at that awesome wood detail! Her leg and drawer were fixed. I'm super excited and love how it turned out. I left the original hardware and there she sits, alone in the dining room. We're still on a mission for an old farm table. So far they are all: too country, too expensive, too big, too small, to dainty, already sold, or made from pine. Looks like I'll be designing it and my dad will be making it-even more special! I want a really hearty table...so suggestions are welcome!


  1. Wow, the buffet table is so pretty! I can only imagine how beautiful your home is!

    I have an old country table for my computer desk. It is made out of an old barn door, I absolutely love it. Good luck finding a new table!


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