she get it from her daddy...

I've always gotten along with my daddy. Except when it came to engineering and math. Sadly, I got none of the math skills and hated my dad all through middle school when he tried to teach me "easy" algebra tricks. Those were the frustrating years because I am horrible in math. But, I've always connected with my dad when it comes to working with my hands, antiques, wood, building, etc. In fact, half the items in my house my dad made, restored, or built from scratch to meet my needs. I am beyond excited to share items with my future children and tell them that their grandpa built or refurbished these cherished items. Oh yea, he is a good painter too! My dad is a great dad. He never had much growing up and made sure to provide more than enough for me and my younger brother. We had a great childhood. My dad let us brush his hair, put bows in it, took us dirt bike riding, jumped on the trampoline with us, attended our games and sports and took us on vacations around the world. Now, as an adult, I live just down the road and get to see him often. He is also the reason why my eye lashes are so long and why I love ketchup so much. Love you dad...even though you do not read my blog! :o) upstate NY summer 08 my parents and the house my dad grew up in

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