Rent a kid....

Today I borrowed Arianna and took her to the pool with me and the girls: LOMA, Katie & Ellie Kate. We had so much fun! First, we got our very first chocolate milk shake with whip cream. She'd never had one before. She kept saying "it's going down a lot" ...the little picky eater found something she liked! We talked the whole way there about animals, cows, flowers, the sun, etc. She is a little chatter box. Of course I loved it... We got our water wings on and off we went!

She swam by herself and enjoyed playing with Ellie Kate too. Check it out, the camera came out of the bag and Ellie Kate started to smile automatically. haha

Five minutes after we left....

Thanks for a great afternoon!

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  1. seriously..she had so much fun. thanks for taking her out.


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