Show Us Your Proposal...

I am totally in on Kelly's Korner SHOW US YOUR PROPOSAL. I think my husband did a great job! I have have always loved the number 22. When Steven and I were dating, I mentioned that I loved the number. We started dating in the spring and knew we were going to get married almost instantly. Steven waited until his favorite season-Fall and looked for the first 22nd (Saturday) on the calendar which turned out to be October 22, 2005 6 months after we met. Mind you, I had no idea until after the fact. My parents were totally in on it too! During the week I got a letter saying we were going on a trip and told me exactly what to pack. It said be prepared for a wonderful little weekend! I was so excited. Steven was very romantic so I honestly didn't think anything about it. We enjoyed getting away for the weekend. I got in the car on Friday and he still never told me where we were going. We ended up in the Smokey Mountains of Gatlinburg. We toured Ripley's Believe It Or Not, went to the Aquarium, enjoyed dining and of course-ate fudge! He was going to propose at the top of the mountain over a picnic but it was raining. He ended up doing it late at night in front of our cabin fireplace. I still remember his words, but will keep them to myself! It was very romantic. My ring is a simple, round inlaid solitaire with a matching inlaid diamond anniversary back band. As luck would have it, we were engaged on October 22nd in the mountains, married July 22nd at the beach in Florida, honeymooned December 22nd in Europe for 2 weeks. 22 is just a coincident and continues to remain my lucky number!

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