I heart R. Kelly oldies

I love the feeling of busting out old CD's during the summer and blaring them in the car. Yesterday, I picked up my oldie but goody R. Kelly TP-2.com CD circa 2001. You see, Abigail, a.k.a. Stunner got me hooked in college. Now, I know he is famous for golden showers and a whole bunch of other hoopla, but have you ever listened to the words in his songs? No, I am not talking about Fiesta and the other hits. I'm talking about his poetry turned music. OH, they are just so romantic and I can picture the images so vividly in my head. Here's a quick verse from JUST LIKE THAT, a song about how he feels:

Ohhh, if I could explain the joy I feel,
Like you and me making history,
like a 99th anniversary,
like an uplifting song the first time heard,
like a shelter when the storm gets rough,
like a mountain top from the bottom up,
like an expensive suite at the best hotel,
like a work of art when it's unveiled,
like a secret told to the one you trust,
like kissing you in an all white tux,
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that (repeat several times before next verse of analogies)

I love this song! Just thought I would share.


  1. It was so great to meet you yesterday! How fun! I'm now following you, by the way! :) I love your doggy! He's too cute.


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